The nursery of trees and shrubs Krzysztof Typer
The taste of childhood of old varieties

What makes us stand out?

pasja zaangazowanie Passion and commitment to what we do.
jakość The highest quality of cuttings produced.
klienci A network of loyal customers who come back to us.
wiedza Substantive knowledge that we gladly share.
rodzinna tradycja Combining family tradition with a way of life.
badania Research and qualifications of nursery material.

The commitment that brings fruit


Our nursery offers annual tree seedlings apple trees, cherries, cherries, plums, pears, apricots, peaches on various rootstocks, as well as seedlings of fruit shrubs..

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The nursery of trees and shrubs Krzysztof Typer specializes in the production of fruit trees and shrubs. We fulfill orders of fruit-growers, wholesalers and individuals both within the country and abroad. In addition to the wide range of varieties, our customers can count on professional advice.

Care for the highest quality of fruit trees produced is our nursery's priority. We care for growing fully healthy and virus-free nursery material.

To meet the expectations of our clients, we are preparing a rich and diverse offer including new varieties of fruit trees sought by fruit growers, as well as old varieties preferred by amateur gardeners for home orchards. Descriptions of varieties can be found in our catalog

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the nursery industry, we are able to fulfill orders of even the most demanding customers.

szkolka drzewek owocowych


We invite individual and wholesale customers to cooperate. We offer stores, warehouses and garden centers with nursery material. We export fruit tree seedlings to EU countries and to the east.
opinie szkolka drzewek szkolka drzewek opinie szkolka drzewek owocowych opinie